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1   Link   IMRO
IMRO is a national organisation that administers the performing right in copyright music in Ireland on behalf of its members - songwriters, composers and music publishers - and on behalf of the members of the international overseas societies that are affiliated to it. IMRO’s function is to collect and distribute royalties arising from the public performance of copyright works.
2   Link   Phonographic Performanec Ireland
Phonographic Performance (Ireland) Limited was established in 1968 to act as a central administrator of record company rights in the public performance, broadcasting and reproduction of their recordings. PPI is owned by its members - Irish and multinational record companies - and membership is open to all record companies, big & small.
3   Link   The Irish Recorded Music Association
The Irish Recorded Music Association is a non-profit making association set up by record companies and companies carrying on associated trades in the Republic of Ireland, to provide members with a convenient means to discuss matters of common interest between themselves and to provide a medium to represent the Irish record industry in negotiations with Government Departments and other interested parties. Generally, it operates to promote and protect the welfare and interests of the Irish record industry.
4   Link   Audio Warehouse
Formed in 2001 , Audio Warehouse was created to satisfy the needs of the Broadcast and Audio Install industry. We've supplied equipment and expertise to Rte, Tv3, Tg4, Sky News and many of the Local Radio stations and still do.

In 2004 we decided to expand in order to provide a one stop Professional and Home Recording shop supplying everything from a Jack Plug to a complete Pro Tools Rig. We’ve now supplied equipment and services to studios like Westland and Salt as well as artists from U2 to Ronan Keating.
5   Link   Virtu Studios
Virtu provides professional music production and audio services for members of the Music and Film industries in Ireland. Projects completed at Virtu recently are current commercial music releases, radio and televison advertising and music and sound in cinema and dvd releases. We as a company are dedicated to providing the highest acheviable standard in all their areas of business and comitted to serving clients on a continous basis with professional courtesy and dedication. Key staff in Virtu Studios are Barry Dempsey and David Slevin. In addition to being busy record producers and recording engineers in their own right they are also popular and experienced lecturers and tutors. Barry's Ableton Masterclass seminars enjoy a high turnout around the country, he is also a performing DJ and regularly releases music on a variety of lables. In addition to this Barry is also a lecturer for the Vocational Educational Commitee and with David is involved in the development and delivery of a number of courses and levels for them. David Slevin has nearly 20 years experience as a professional engineer and is one of the countrys most experienced recording engineers. Known for his skills as and engineer and producer of rock bands, he has a large list of credits from some of the biggest local and international artists around. David is also known for specialising in location music recording and has recorded everything from large orchestras to folk bands in a variety of weird and wonderful locations. As well as lecturing in Recording Techniques, Microphones and Recording Studio design David also has experienced in the design and implementation of training courses for the music industry.
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