What We Do
Studio Recording PDF Print E-mail

From bands to singer songwriters, Orchestras to soloists, pop vocalists to rappers, demos to broadcast quality singles, EPs or albums. With decades of combined experience in many genres, our in house engineers can guide you through the recording & production process. Claycastle Studio can also provide pre-recorded backing tracks for solo singers and groups that may not have their own music or backing band.

We also have experience in recording audio books, radio adverts, phone messages, pre-recorded tanoy announcements and sound effects.

Location Recording PDF Print E-mail

Claycastle Studio offers a fully portable recording facility suitable for recording bands, concerts, theatrical shows and many other on-location events. The recordings can then be taken back to the studio to be given the royal treatment, enhanced and optimized for great end product.

Media Conversions..... Vinyl or Cassette to Cd, mp3 etc PDF Print E-mail

Convert old or new Vinyl Records and Cassettes to Cd or Mp3 (or any other digital audio format).

We achieve the best results possible through our professional recording and playback equipment.

Equipment Repairs PDF Print E-mail

      Electronics repairs service

      Amplifiers, speakers, Guitar electrics, Keyboards etc.


Equipment & PA Hire PDF Print E-mail

Claycaslte Studio offers a selection of musical equipment for hire as well as PA systems for indoor and outdoor events.



Dynacord-p5-set-2a, Allen & Heath 2400, Mackie /Ev Wedges, Turbo sound system




Production PDF Print E-mail


In the music industry, a record producer has many roles. Those roles include controlling the recording sessions, coaching and guiding the musicians, gathering the ideas of the project, directing the creativity, and supervising the recording, mixing and mastering processes.

Today, the recording industry have two kinds of producers: Executive Producer and Music Producer; they have different roles. While the executive producer has the financial role of the project, the music producer is responsible for the music of an album.


At Claycastle you may wish to use one of the in-house engineers/producers or alternatively chose to bring your own to the session. Either way we are committed to giving our clients what they want from their recording session.

Studio Hire PDF Print E-mail

The main studio may be hired for recording sessions. Many projects may require that the artists take their own engineers and or producers into the studio for the duration of the recording. Sessions may last from 1 hour to many weeks or months.


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